Putney Light Operatic Society

The 2024 PLOS Committee

Embracing a dynamic future, Putney Light Operatic Society proudly introduces its newly appointed committee, a collective force steering towards innovation and artistic excellence.

With Harriet Ruby at the helm as Chairperson, supported by Deputy Chair Kathryn Felton, the society is set to embark on a transformative journey. Georgina Turner, our Treasurer, will ensure fiscal resilience, while Alex Blackie, our Marketing Co-ordinator, charts a course for enhanced community engagement. Suzi Braithwaite, as Web Co-ordinator, brings a digital touch, and Philip Ruby, the Technical Co-ordinator, will elevate our productions.

General Members Paul Aylin, Val Bureau, Katie Kelly, and Ronnie Stone infuse fresh energy. Together, this dynamic team envisions a future for PLOS marked by creativity, inclusivity, and groundbreaking performances, captivating audiences and enriching our community’s cultural tapestry.

Get ready for an exciting era for the future of PLOS!

PLOS Committee 2024

Harriet Ruby – Chairperson
Kathryn Felton –
Deputy Chair
Georgina Turner –
Alex Blackie –
Marketing Co-ordinator
Suzi Braithwaite –
Web Co-ordinator
Philip Ruby –
Technical Co-ordinator 
Paul Aylin –
General Member
Val Bureau –
General Member
Katie Kelly –
General Member
Ronnie Stone –
General Member