The Emperor’s New Clothes

By Joe Beecroft and Philip Ruby

Date: 19 – 22 December 2018
Venue: King’s College School, Wimbledon

Creative Team

  • Director: Paul Dagley
  • Choreographer: Kim Schenkelaars
  • Musical Director: Mike Searle


Welcome to the Kingdom of Givenchy, ruled by the vain yet endearing Emperor Armani, his long suffering wife Empress Versace and their son Prince Calvin.

It’s the Emperor’s birthday and he wants what he always wants, a whole new wardrobe!

We find ourselves in a small corner of the Kingdom, the Chanel Islands (pronounced Sha-Nell…..have you got the theme yet?) and a competition is declared to find the best tailors in town. What a fantastic opportunity for all, especially the down-on-their luck Dame Coco and her son, Fred Bare. Unfortunately the evil Hoaxem and Coaxem turn up at just the right (or wrong) time to convince the Emperor, his Secretary (Philippe Phalop) and the whole village that they have the finest material in the land BUT it’s only visible to those most wise and invisible to the silly and unintelligent…resulting in the Emperor having a very memorable birthday for all!

Will our valiant hero Prince Calvin save Lily White (the poor and oppressed niece of Hoaxem and Coaxem) from their evil clutches? Will the Emperor’s frustrated and confused Secretary ever regain his sanity? And will the poor villagers of the Chanel Islands ever manage to get over the sight of the Emperor in the altogether!

A traditional family pantomime with great songs, strong characters and a few gags – this year’s pantomime has been penned by PLOS members Philip Ruby and Joe Beecroft.


Emperor Armani  |  Alex Johnson
Empress Versace  |  Harriet Ruby
Secretary Philippe Phalop   |   Alex Blackie
Madame Coco  |  Joe Beecroft
Prince Calvin|  Leni Pikrodafnis
Lily White |  Nicky Radford
Fred Bare  |  Philip Ruby
Hoaxem  | Jonathan Whittaker
Coaxem  | Penny Hughes

Featured Dancers

Ailie Donaldson
Gemma Miles
Isobel Snelson
Lauren O’Mara
Zoe Hickman
Aoife Considine
Deborah Lowe
Emma Ollis
Megan Scarff


Ben Waterhouse
Kathryn Felton
Jamie Wright
Jennifer Taylor
Kob Yeboah


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