We are delighted to announce that PLOS will be the first amateur society in the region to be granted the rights to perform the wonderful musical Sister Act, when we return to Putney Arts Theatre in May.

This divine musical comedy is based on the popular 1992 movie starring Whoopi Goldberg and tells the story of Deloris Van Cartier, a wannabe disco diva who witnesses her gangster boyfriend Curtis Shank commit a murder at his seedy club. She reports the crime to the police and is placed in the witness protection programme. Disguised as a nun named Sister Mary Clarence, she is placed in the convent of the Holy Order of the Little Sisters of Our Mother of Perpetual Faith, where she finds herself up against the rigid Mother Superior. Deloris uses her singing talent to inspire the other nuns to create a more contemporary choir, and they become the hit of the community. Word of their success reaches Curtis and his mob, who arrive on the scene to settle their score with Deloris and find themselves battling not only her, but a gang of feisty nuns and the Mother Superior as well.

This show is packed full of fantastic, show-stopping numbers, there are plenty of female parts as well as some great character and ensemble roles for men. Nuns, songs and gangsters – what’s not to love?