Puss-in-boots-FB-design-1.0Firstly we’d like to say a big thank you to all those who auditioned, the performances were very strong and the choices were difficult. However after some serious deliberation on the part of the creative team we are pleased to announce the Puss In Boots panto cast.

FAIRY POPPINS – Nicola Savage
PUSS – Kimberley MacFarlane
JACK – Deborah Lowe
HICKORY – Ross Macintyre
DICKORY – Penny Anderson
OGRE – Alex Donald
GUNTHER – Ben Waterhouse
PRINCESS – Nicky Radford

We are thrilled to have a fabulous mix of new and old PLOS members in the cast and we ask you all to join us in congratulating our new cast, we have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic show.

We are still looking to fill two principal roles and recruit for the ensemble. If you’re interested in joining the cast drop us an email at plos@hotmail.co.uk, it’s not too late to join the fun!