Putney Light Operatic Society

Our Glowing NODA Review - Blackadder Goes Forth

May 2024

We at PLOS are absolutely thrilled to receive such a glowing review from NODA for our recent performance of “Blackadder Goes Forth.” This recognition is a testament to the hard work and passion poured into this production by everyone involved.

NODA highlighted the significance of our choice to stage the beloved and iconic “Blackadder” series, commending the exceptional quality of our production. Director Alex Blackie’s adaptation and direction received high praise for his heartfelt approach and clever staging, which breathed new life into the characters while paying homage to the original. Assistant Director Katie Kelly also played a crucial role in crafting performances that were both larger-than-life and deeply engaging.

Our musical team, including Gareth Abler, Mike Searle, and Musical Director Joanna Cheng, was lauded for their brilliant arrangements. The inclusion of well-known wartime songs provided seamless transitions between scenes and enhanced the overall atmosphere, making the experience even more immersive for the audience.

The cast’s performances were nothing short of stellar. Owen Thomas James Smith’s portrayal of Captain Edmund Blackadder was particularly noted for its brilliance, effortlessly blending moments of deadpan humor with poignant emotion.

Philip Ruby’s nuanced performance as Private Baldrick added depth to the character, while Laura Holden’s Lieutenant George was celebrated for her impeccable comic timing and charm. Will Roberts’ portrayal of Captain Darling showcased the character’s vulnerability, endearing him to the audience.

Jason Thomas brought General Melchett to life with confidence and comedic flair, turning his role into a laugh-a-minute riot. Alisa Stewart’s portrayal of Lord Flasheart was a tour-de-force, embodying the character’s chauvinistic qualities with a knowing wink to the audience.

Suzi Braithwaite’s captivating portrayal of Nurse Mary Fletcher-Brown added layers of intrigue, while Russell Hughes excelled as the crazed Baron, keeping the audience on edge. Laura McClenaghan’s delightful energy as Bob Parkhurst and Jon Bradley’s engaging performance as Mr. Smith rounded out the talented ensemble cast, bringing the world of “Blackadder Goes Forth” to life with flair and finesse.

Our production design also received high marks. Authentic period costumes from Lantern Arts, South London Theatre & Emmanuel School perfectly complemented the setting. Alex Blackie’s innovative traverse staging allowed for unique audience engagement from both sides, while Ian Philby’s effective lighting design and Anne Pringle and The ACT’s carefully chosen props added to the authenticity and immersive feel of the production.

In addition, our well-designed programme, featuring all the essentials and a convenient QR code, was appreciated by NODA.

This review is a wonderful acknowledgment of the dedication and talent of our entire team. We couldn’t be prouder of “Blackadder Goes Forth,” and we are deeply grateful for NODA’s kind words and support!