We staged the amateur premiere of the musical comedy, BETTY BLUE EYES in the summer of 2016. Based on the Alan Bennett film, “A Private Function”, and with songs by the brilliant George Stiles and Anthony Drewe (Mary Poppins, Honk!), BETTY BLUE EYES is “witty, rude, loveable, warm, dramatic, hilarious…. A new smash musical is born” (The Times).

Betty Blue Eyes - Paul Aylin Photography


Joyce Chilvers  |  Kate Chesworth
Mother Dear  |  Alison Walters
Mrs Allardyce / Kitt  |  Eloise Horton
Dr James Swaby  |  Kob Yeboah
Inspector Wormold  |  Alex Johnson
Mrs Turnbull  |  Rachel Kitchen
Sergeant Noble / Farmer Sutcliffe  |  Andy Shields
Mrs Metcalf  |  Maria Lukeman
Mrs Tillbrook  |  Jemma-Louise Smith
Mrs Sutcliffe  |  Lizzie Kempson
Mrs Hamilton / Billy Carroll’s Trio  |  Deborah Lowe
Mrs Cunliffe / Betty’s handler  |  Nicola Savage
Mrs Wright  |  Hannah Butcher
Mrs Glover  |  Hannah Pratt
Mrs Wiltshire  |  Ronnie Stone
Gilbert Chilvers  |  Freddy Bowen
Henry Allardyce  |  Jon Haines
Veronica Allardyce  |  Emily Bowers
Francis Lockwood / Barraclough / Young Squadron  |  Jack Beedle
Mrs Roach / Billy Carroll’s Trio  |  Jamie Miller
Mrs Lester  |  Rachel Jarmy
Mr Metcalf / Nuttall / Prince Philip  |  Ben Waterhouse
Mrs Lockwood  |  Jess Bunker
Princess Elizabeth  |  Ailie Donaldson
Mrs Elliston / Billy Carroll’s Trio  |  Stephanie Parr
Mrs Galloway  |  Sinead Burniston
Mrs Rigley  |  Di Featherstone
Mrs Armstrong  |  Nicky Radford
Mrs Palmer  |  Isobel Snelson

Featured Dancers

Dance Captain  |  Emily Bowers
Jess Bunker
Eloise Horton
Isobel Snelson
Hannah Butcher
Ailie Donaldson
Hannah Pratt


It’s fair shares for all in 1947’s Austerity Britain. But in the little town of Shepardsford, local officials feather their own nests by taking far more than their own fair share, whilst humble chiropodist Gilbert Chilvers is still struggling to bring home the bacon. With rationing and unemployment taking its toll, the only light on the horizon is the impending marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Members of the Town Council are fattening up a highly illegal pig called Betty for a lavish banquet in honour of the royal couple – this very private function is going to be the social event of the season and Gilbert’s wife Joyce is determined that they should be invited. But when the longed-for invitation fails to materialise, the two of them resolve to do whatever it takes to get their fair share of the banquet’s illegal pork roast!

This utterly British musical is full of eccentric characters, such as the odd couple, Gilbert – an evangelistic chiropodist, and Joyce – a nobody determined to be somebody; Inspector Wormold – an obsessive destroyer of illegal meat; Mother Dear – “She’s seventy four and ravenous”; and of course, Betty the pig! Add to that a vibrant ensemble plus a deliciously infectious, toe-tapping, retro contemporary score and the result is musical comedy gold.

“I promise I’m telling no porky pies when I say that this delightful new musical with an irresistible pig as its star left me grunting and snorting with pleasure, and just occasionally snuffling with sentimental tears” (The Daily Telegraph).

If you can’t wait to see more you can get a glimpse of the show here!

Creative Team

Fresh from spreading the love around, Betty Blue Eyes will reunite our wonderful Sister Act team of Damian Sandys (director), Steven Geraghty (musical director) and Della Bhujoo (choreographer).


DIRECTOR – Damian Sandys MUSICAL DIRECTOR – Steven Geraghty CHOREOGRAPHER – Della Bhujoo


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