2 – 6 January, 2018 – Putney Arts Theatre

PLOS brought our annual winter Panto back to Putney in 2018 with a new re-telling of the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast.


Beauty (Rose) – Katherine Skene
Beast (Prince)  – Leon Hernandez
Ma (Dame) – Joe Beecroft
Jacques – Alex Blackie
Capucine – Emily Bowers
Felix – Philip Ruby
Malabelle – Harriet Ruby
Talking Clock – Freddy Bowen
Lamp – Katherine Felton
Hat Stand – Milena Mironuk

 About the show

Once upon a time – in France – there was a poor family consisting of Ma, a burdened, yet joyful widow; her two children, Beauty (or Rose to give her a real name) and Jacques and their man-sized talking French poodle Felix. We meet them as they move to a new village and make friends with the blacksmith – Capucine, a beautiful but incredibly strong young lady.

Meanwhile the Prince refuses to marry the wicked witch, Malabelle, and she turns him into a beast and the land into a place of eternal winter.

Join us as Ma sets off on an adventure that changes all of their lives forever where she encounters an enchanted castle filled with talking furniture and makes a deal with Beast under the spell of Malabelle that surrenders Beauty to a fate worse than death – unless love can grow in the strangest places.


Review by Des Wilby, NODA Representative, London Region 3:

5.1.2018 – PLOS – Beauty The Beast

I am sure that the entire audience, like me, left feeling impressed with the quality of all cast members and Putney Light Opera Society in general.  This was a most enjoyable performance and evening’s entertainment.