Just Pretend

A new musical

24 – 30 March 2019, Burntwood School,  SW17 0AQ

We’re so excited to be bringing you a brand-new musical, Just Pretend, written by our very own Steven Geraghty and Rachel Jarmy.

Creative Team

    • Director – Damian Sandys
    • Associate Director – Jamie Miller-Hughes
    • Musical Director – Harriet Oughton
    • Choreographer – Emily Bowers
  • Producer – Hannah Umlandt


Amateur Dramatics groups are expanding, but they’re not just full of failed professionals. People come from far and wide to perform, escape, find themselves, or forget. This is the story of the doctors, the teachers, the parents, and the students who pay money to hide on the amateur stage.

From the writers

We held a workshop in February 2018 for our new musical. Back then it was called Am Dram: the musical, and based on your amazing feedback from that workshop, we’ve changed more than just the title!

We want to tell the real story behind why people do Am Dram. The real reasons why people spend lots of money and all their time dedicated to pretending to be other people in front of an audience. It’s not just to show off. It’s just because they wished they’d be a professional. It’s a coping mechanism for the challenges of life – moving to a new place, losing people, or struggling to find who you are.

We also hope this show gives more people the chance to play a real, relatable, and representative part. It’s so often the way, especially for women, that roles are stereotyped into ‘the funny one’, ‘the romantic lead’ or ‘the plain friend’. We’ve tried to flip some stereotypes on their head a bit, and also create real, identifiable and more diverse characters.

For the chorus, there are also loads of numbers to get involved in, plus scenes where smaller parts can be cast in whatever way the director would like! The show is about people who do shows. So there really is something for anyone who likes to do shows too!


Cast list

  • DOMINIC – 20s/30s, male. Talented new performer, but unsure and desperate to please. Conflicted and in a constant inner battle with himself. Engaged to EMMA.
  • SUMMER – 20s/30s, female. Talented, busy, dedicated, and loyal. Often the leading female role. At a turning point in her life. Wife of NAOMI.
  • NOAH – 20s/30s, male. A strong dancer, and a regular performer. A big personality with a softer, family-oriented side. Single.
  • ANDREA – 40s +, female. Also a seasoned performer and a previous professional. Single. Motherly, dependable, compassionate, but struggling with her own loss.
  • JULIE – 40s +, female. Modest but with hidden potential. Unsure of her own identity. Seasoned performer. Married to CHRIS, but struggling with their relationship.
  • TOM – 20s, male. Seasoned performer with the society. Trained in musical theatre. Often a leading man. Confident, but not as attractive as he thinks he is. Very raa.
  • EMMA – 20s/30s, female. Strong, witty, sure of herself. Not in the Am Dram society. Engaged to DOMINIC.
  • NAOMI – 20s/30s, female. Kind, caring, supportive. Not in the Am Dram society. Wife of SUMMER.
  • ERIC – the director, male, any age. Enthusiastic, passionate, well-meaning but often oblivious.
  • SERENA – the choreographer, female, any age. Confident, direct, sometimes blunt.
  • PATRICK – the musical director, male, any age. Smart, sarcastic, seemingly unemotional.
  • EDWINA – 50s+, female. Previous performer of the society and now chairwoman of the Committee. Old-school, dedicated, passionate about the society, not so familiar with ‘modern life’.
  • DEREK – Finance officer of the Committee and performer. Well-meaning but completely unsuited to the role, making mistakes regularly.
  • NOAH’S DAD – 50s+, male.
  • CHRIS – 40s+, male. Husband of JULIE.
  • AMANDA – Ordinary member of the Committee. Silent.
  • CHORUS – Expandable group of performers, dancers, singers, musicians, members of the committee, production team, back stage team. All play various roles in the society’s show, and also in the voices off used in the ‘real life’ sections. All ages, genders, ethnicities, performance ability and confidence.


Don’t worry if you couldn’t be a part of our workshops back in February, we’re opening auditions up for all parts!

  • First meet – Thursday 8 November, 7.30pm
  • Auditions – Sunday 11 November, 7 – 9pm
  • Auditions – Monday 12 November, 7.30 – 10pm
  • Recalls – Thursday 15 November, 7.30 – 10pm

What you need to know

Rehearsal dates: Mondays. Thursdays and Sundays, beginning 14th January 2019

Rehearsal venues: Putney Methodist Church (Mondays) and Ackroydon Hall (Thursdays and Sundays)

Show venue: Burntwood School, Burntwood Lane, London, SW17 0AQ

Band call: tbc

Get-in: tbc

Performance dates: tbc

Audition fee: £10 for non-members

Show fee: £95