2 – 6 January, 2018 – Putney Arts Theatre

PLOS is bringing our annual winter Panto back to Putney in 2018 with a new re-telling of the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast.

Creative team

  • Director – Marc Batten
  • Musical Director – Elenoar Warner
  • Choreographer – Danielle Thompson

About the show

Once upon a time – in France – there was a poor family consisting of Ma, a burdened, yet joyful widow; her two children, Beauty (or Rose to give her a real name) and Jacques and their man-sized talking French poodle Felix. We meet them as they move to a new village and make friends with the blacksmith – Capucine, a beautiful but incredibly strong young lady.

Meanwhile the Prince refuses to marry the wicked witch, Malabelle, and she turns him into a beast and the land into a place of eternal winter.

Join us as Ma sets off on an adventure that changes all of their lives forever where she encounters an enchanted castle filled with talking furniture and makes a deal with Beast under the spell of Malabelle that surrenders Beauty to a fate worse than death – unless love can grow in the strangest places.

Our version of this beloved fairy tale is refreshingly different to the Disney telling and is action-packed with great humour, warmth and a pulsating modern soundtrack!

Audition pieces:

Click on Audition p16-18 for audition pieces (lines) for:

  • Jacques
  • Capucine
  • Ma
  • Felix
  • Beauty

Click on Audition p26-28 for audition pieces (lines) for:

  • Malabelle
  • Ma
  • Talking Clock
  • Aimee
  • Remy
  • Royal Pages and furniture characters

Click on Audition p54-55 for audition pieces (lines) for:

  • Beauty
  • Beast/Prince

Dance audition videos

  1. Dance audition (general)

  1. Featured Dancer audition

Singing audition piece

We will be asking all auditionees to sing the song ‘Footloose’ – this is the same audition piece for all roles. Lyics below:

 Roles available

(playing ages are approximate only)

Felix |  (Male) – Beauty’s pet dog – a giant French Poodle. Soloist. Narrator. Charismatic. (playing age 18-50)
Jacques | (M) Beauty’s brother. Soloist. Sort of Wishee Washee/Buttons type character. Shy. Likeable. (18-30)
Capucine |  (F) The village blacksmith. Soloist. Feisty, decisive. Falls in love with Jacques. (18-30)
Malabelle |  (F) A wicked witch. Soloist. Turns the Prince into the Beast. The villain of the piece! (18-50)
Ma| (M) The Dame. Soloist. Beauty and Jacques’ mother. Has to then dress as a man to seek fortune. Lively. Likeable.  (30-50)
Beauty/Rose| (F) Soloist. Intelligent. Not the typical insipid panto heroine.  (18-30)
Beast/Prince | (M) Soloist. A strong performer who can be both charming and terrifying in equal measure. (18-30)
Talking Clock | (M/F) Comic Character. Has to have a good timing and could potentially lead a song or two. (17-70)
Aimee | (F) A castle servant. Potential soloist. (17-70)
Remy | (M) A castle servant. Potential soloist. (17-70)
Royal Page (x 2) | (M/F) Small speaking part
Table | (M/F) Small speaking part
Lamp | (M/F) Small speaking part
Chest of drawers  | (M/F) Small speaking part
Rug  | (M/F) Small speaking part
Chorus  | Villagers, Wolves, Bears, Castle Servants, Ghosts and more!

Audition information

If you have never auditioned for a PLOS show before, please visit our Auditions and Rehearsal page for more information.

If you are intending to audition, please download and complete the BeautyAuditionForm and email back to PLOS

We will hold two pre-audition meetings where you can pick up the audition material and familiarise yourself with any music or dance routines.

  • 7.30pm. Monday 11 September – FIRST MEETING
  • 7.30pm, Thursday 14 September – SECOND MEETING

Our audition dates are as follows:

  • 7.30pm, Monday 18 September – FIRST ROUND AUDITIONS 
  • 7.30pm, Thursday 21 September – SECOND ROUND AUDITIONS
  • tbc, Sunday 24 September – RECALLS

Our first full company rehearsal will be 7.30pm, Monday 28 September.

All meetings and auditions  are at Ackroydon Hall, off Princes Way, Southfields SW19, unless specified elsewhere.



If you have any questions about the audition process, please contact us at plos@hotmail.co.uk. We’re happy to help.