PLOS is delighted to bring you the first showing of a brand new musical – entitled Am Dram: The Musical, written by Rachel Jarmy and Steven Geraghty, and directed by Matt Eberhardt. The showing will take place at a SW London venue on Saturday 18 February 2018.

Rachel Jarmy, Matt Eberhardt, Steven Geraghty


The Overton Players are the best Amateur Dramatics group in the area. But it’s not as simple as just auditioning for a part – there’s competition. People come from far and wide to perform, escape, find themselves, or forget…

The first showing will follow a week-long workshop process, where the first draft of the material will be put on its feet by our committed workshop cast:


  • Dominic – Freddy Bowen
  • Emma – Katy Jackson
  • Summer – Steph Parr
  • Noah – Nigel Fullerton
  • Julie – Nicola Cane
  • Andrea – Kate Chesworth
  • Tom – Tom Cane
  • Eric – Jack Beedle
  • Serena – Rosie Orchard
  • Patrick – Alex Blackie
  • Rose – Hannah McKenna-Vickerstaff
  • Derek – Jamie Wright